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Have you ever read a good world history book and wished that you could actually visit, not only the sites, but the actual events? Sort of like a time machine, History Movies is as close as you are ever going to get.

the bible in the beginning The Bible...
In the Beginning

I still remember my first Epic Film, I must have been about 10 or 12 years old.

Back when VHS was the coolest thing ever, we did not have a color television yet, but had heard of watching movies in color! How cool I thought.. Remember that?

Anyway, I believe the movie was either, The Bible... In the Beginning or something similar.

I could not believe how the stories I had read about all those years could come to life so brilliantly and beautifully.

At the time all I knew about history was the Bible and little bits and pieces of events from Europe during the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration, very little, but I was hooked.

I have never forgotten the feeling of watching other people in a totally different place and time.

braveheart Braveheart

Of course, my parents loved the fact that I was so interested in the subject and only encouraged me as much as they could.

I remember Dad watching his Western movies and would always point out something about history or places he thought would interest me.

Then, Braveheart came out in '95.. and we had a color TV! I was glued, I mean, glued to the TV.

It was Amazing!

A little bloody for a 15 year old boy in the '90s but, it made me fall in love with the most lavish of genres, Epic History Movies..

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Best movie reviews are written by visitors just like you! History, Prehistory, Biographies, Biopics, whatever you want.
Prehistory Movies, DVD, TV, Documentaries
Prehistory movies; find top reviews, recommendations and bests. Find what the ancient & early man, neanderthals were doing long ago, or just find your favorite dinosaur movie
Mesopotamia Movies, Films and Video
Movies on Mesopotamia; early civilization is found between the great rivers; the sumerian, assyrian, babylonian, early civilization, chaldean, akkadian are the peoples between the Tigris and Euphrates
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Greek History in Movies Films Recommendations
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Roman Empire History Movies Recommendations
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Middle Ages Movies DVD Films and Video
Middle Ages Movies, gothic films, exciting dvds and the dark ages, medieval times and more, medieval movies you'll love
European Renaissance History Video Movies and DVDs
European Renaissance, renaissance era, Enjoy renaissance music, italian renaissance life, renaissance period, english renaissance artists, biographies watch the best dvds, movies and films
Age of Exploration Movies and Dvds Reviews
Age of Exploration, the new world and the conquistadors, british in jamestown with the discovery of america and the age of discovery all on dvd movies
Colonial Times Before The American Revolution. Movies, DVDs and Video
Colonial times are by far the most important days in all american colonial history and world history. Life in the thirteen colonies and the explorations to the west changed american history forever.
Revolutionary War Video Movies and DvDs
The Revolutionary War, the most important war in American History is on film, George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson movies and dvds
French Revolution Movies and DVDs. Video Reviews
French Revolution movie reviews, 1789 Napoleon Bonaparte better know as Napoleon I leads the french empire in an attempt to conquer the world
Mexican American War at the Alamo Movies and DVDs
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Civil War Movies in Chronological Order. World History Film
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American Western Movies & History Movies Reviews
Western movies in chronological order. Watch western classic movies and learn history while doing it. Learn the story of cowboys and indians and broaden you world history knowledge.
Native American Movies in Chronological Order
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Spanish American War History Movies in Chronological Order
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African History Movies in Chronological Order
African History. Stanley and Livingstone explore Africa. Europeans establish governments all over the continent. Watch it all happen in history movies. World history, south african history is best told with a book and an african movie.
World War 1 History Movies in Chronological Order
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Jewish History. Holocaust Movies DVD
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America in WWII & World War II Movies
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End of World War II History Movies, Films, DVDs, Video, TV.
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Charles Dickens Movies and DVD Reviews. History and Literature Films
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Jane Austen Movies, Reviews and Historical Recommendations.
Jane Austen Movies, novels and historical films. Austen has become a household name in last few years and many movies have been made based on her work and life, how accurate are they?
Bible Movies, DVD's and Videos. Christian Films
Bible movies and Christian movies from both the Old Testament and New Testament arranged in chronological order with historical accuracy in mind. World History Movies Reviews.
Easter Movies and Reviews by Contributors from Around the Globe. History DVDs and Films.
Here is a list of Easter movies contributed by World History Movie fans from all over the globe. Find your easter holiday film in our database.
Submit Your Easter Holiday Movies and Pics
Share your Easter Holiday movies and films and win the prizes you want. iPhones, iPads, gift cards, CASH (you could use cash, right? or a free movie. Submit your best review to win.
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