King David (1985)

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king david

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1000 BC


Jerusalem, Israel

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The Bible

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Bruce Beresford

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113 Minutes

Mesopotamia History

Richard Gere, Edward Woodward, Alice Krige, Tomas Milian, Dennis Quilley, Niall Buggy, Hurd Hatfield, Jack Klaff, John Castle, George Eastman, Ian Sears, David De Keyser, Tim Woodward

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The second king of Israel is without a doubt one of the most important men mentioned in the Bible.

In fact Jesus becomes a family descendant about one thousand years later, making him heir to the throne of Israel.

So, why would God want to make a simple shepherd boy king of all the tribes of Israel? One answer seems to be the correct one, David was a man after God's own heart.

Being no ordinary man set him apart from the rest of his brothers, but his love for justice, righteousness, and worship of the God of his fathers sealed the deal.

This brings us to our issue with this movie.

Richard Gere, a known and vocal opponent of anything Christian, stars in it.

He was my first apprehension about the film but decided to give it a try anyway, after all, he must have gotten paid to do a good job, or so I thought.

Saul and Samuel Portrayed

The movie begins with the visit Samuel paid king Saul when he took Agag king of the Amalekites.

This scene is pretty gruesome, there is almost nothing left to the imagination here, but perhaps historically accurate.

The problem is that Saul is portrayed as being right in not taking the life of Agag and Samuel is nothing more than a blood hungry pagan priest. 1 Samuel 15


When the young boy, son of Jesse, comes into the scene to get anointed I was really excited, he was ruddy and handsome as the Bible says.

First off, he appears to have a problem with the whole idea of the kingship, and when he fights Goliath, who seems to be his height, he is as scared and clumsy as boy who has just invaded a man's property and must now defend himself against the angry owner.

Years go by and now he enters the scene as a grown man but weakly and shy with a hint of homosexuality in his countenance. Almost as though the man you've know from the Bible is an impostor.

Solomon's Temple

According to the Bible, the idea of building God a house of worship began with David's love to worship and his efforts to gather all the materials Solomon would need to build it came from his devotion and commitment to his Lord.

Toward the end of the movie the differences between the Bible and the film are as clear as water. Furthermore, there is an attempt to make David look like he took pleasure in his folly and was proud of it.

Destroying the Temple was merely a message sent to the Jewish and Christian worlds of how these movie makers really felt about this greatest of kings in Hebrew history.

I strongly advise you not to waste your time with this movie, I have not included links to purchasing websites where you can buy it, etc

What's in it

king david King-David, a mockery of the real story ;(

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None, what so ever...

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