What Easter Movies / Movie Did You Like Best?

I know that most people prefer The Passion of the Christ to other Easter movies, so I'll list it as my favorite.

Do you have the perfect movie?

We are looking for the absolutely best Holy Week movie, which one do you think it is?
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the passion of the Christ The Passion of the Christ

Our family has made it a tradition to watch The Passion every year since it came out to remind ourselves of the origins of our faith, and of course to watch a very touching and compelling high quality film.

In my 'humble' opinion, there's no movie about Christ that can give Gibson a run for his money.

Even most reviews I've read accolade the adaptation, acting, set, script, and everything else.

Anyway, most people's movie collections include at least one Easter film, not including the eggs or the bunny ;-)

I'm sure if you search in your collection you'll find at least one film you can share with us.

Not The Bunny or The Eggs..

What then? you may ask,

Well, any film that deals with the life, death and resurrection of Jesus or the immediate years before or after the Holy Week, like The Final Inquiry or Ben Hur.

Here are the best Easter Films
suggested by our top contributors.

the passion of the Christ The Passion
of the Christ

Historical Data

Time: Around 30 AD
Period: Christianity Founding
Place: Israel
Reference Book: The Gospels (Bible)
Notable Characters: Jesus Christ, Disciples

The Passion of the Christ (2004)


Length: 127 minutes

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