Flesh and Blood (1985)

Don't bother with flesh and blood, I disliked it so much that I really debated wether to list it on our site.

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Somewhere in Europe?

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Paul Verhoeven

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128 Minutes

The Renaissance

Rutger Hauer, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tom Burlinson, Jack Thompson, Fernando Hilbeck, Susan Tyrrell, Ronald Lacey, Brion James, John Dennis Johnston, Simon Andreu, Bruno Kirby, Kitty Courbois, Marina Saura, Hans Veerman, Jake Wood, Hector Alterio, Blanca Marsillach, Nancy Cartwright, Jorge Bosso, Mario De Barros, Ida Bons, Jaime Segura, Bettina Brenner, Siobhan Hayes, Susan Beresford, Monica Lucchetti

flesh and blood
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Full of modern-day philosophies, lusts, debauchery, even extreme forms of anarchism while making mockery of Christianity, of course.

This movie fits the profile of the sex offender on the nightly news, and rightly so, sick minds that enjoy adult content and call it art can never end up anywhere else.

Costumes were not even from the time, I guess it was the 1500's or something.

The movie itself does not even know its place, it opens with the phrase "somewhere in western Europe in 1501".

Everybody is a lunatic in this film, and don't even mention the script or the awful cast. You can't even muster some pity for how truly insulting the film is.

If you care about your sanity don't watch this XXX garbage.

What's in the film / What to watch out for

What We Look ForHistory Movies Rating Movie Content
Historical Accuracy: movie ratings

Not Accurate

Movie Quality and Overall movie experience: movie ratings

Truly awful

Good or bad for kids / Teens: movie ratings

If you care about your children you'll keep this garbage away from them.

Plot & Setting:movie ratingsAwful Plot and Setting
Sexual Stuff and Nudity:movie ratings

If you find yourself enjoying this film, you must know your mind is too far gone. Please seek help.

Violence: movie ratings


Language and Vulgarity:movie ratings

As bad as it gets

Modern Culture Influence:movie ratings
Vices, addictions, drugs, alcohol: movie ratings

Lots of drinking

Commercialism:movie ratings
Age Appropriateness:movie ratings

If you care about your children you'll keep this garbage away from them.

Political Influences:movie ratings


Message / Educational:movie ratings

Far from Educational. Sick, sick minds

Judeo-Christian Values:movie ratings
Our Concerns:movie ratings

The whole film

Highlights:movie ratings

None, please stay away from this garbage.

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