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The History Magazine is a practical guide for history and movie lovers alike.

Naturally, most people who have had a bad experience, especially from school, may be a little apprehensive about the whole idea of history and reading anything else about it.

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The difference between now and when we were in school years ago is, of course, the internet.

The World History Movies Magazine solves most of the problems one faces everyday when presented with new and useful information.

The magazine covers all the history of the world in a super concise fashion with the goal to provide you with a grasp of the most significant events through the ages.

How do you know this e-zine is not as boring as your typical high shool history class?
well, let's see, one word..


We correct most of the historical inaccuracies and point you in the way of reliable and easy to read references.

We are currently creating a history curriculum entirely with movies, arranged and systemized in chronological order. The next issues include this FREE e-course.

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One more thing coming soon,

A KIDS section. If you have children, this magazine is going to be a life saver.

Stand by..

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