King of Kings

by John

King of Kings 1961

King of Kings 1961

Director: Nicholas Ray
Writer: Philip Yordan (screenplay)
Stars: Jeffrey Hunter, Siobhan McKenna and Hurd Hatfield

In King of Kings the story of the Romans seems to be more accurate than the story of Jesus.

Some of the most flagrant inconsistencies are.

John the baptist is so much older than Jesus. May be Joseph's age.

When Jesus comes to get baptized, there is no dialog between the two, at all.

Jesus goes and demands to see John after his imprisonment ?
To free him within himself? He was already free.. Totally wrong..

But there are also a lot of positives that may make it a worth while watch.

My favorite one was the sermon on the mount..

Even though, historically, it did not happen as portrayed. But Nicholas Ray, Philip Yordan and Ray Bradbury were able to get most of the main teachings of Jesus throughout his Ministry and condensed them in this single scene, pretty clever.

Terrific job on this scene..

When the time approached for Jesus to go into Jerusalem to preach, Barabbas was leading the biggest of his insurrections, only this time he uses Jesus' Triumphant entrance as a rebellion opportunity with Judas' help.

All in all, the movie does present you with a look into far more characters than most movies.

We watch..

Herod and his "ascendancy" to the throne by murdering his father.

Herod's brother's wife Herodias and her daughter "Salome", whom is not mentioned in the Bible, and their hatred toward John the baptist.

Pilate and his motives against Jesus, most of which are not in the accounts.

Judas and his involvement with Barabbas, I have never heard there was such involvement, may be someone can provide some insight here..

Peter's blatant denial of Jesus to his face, this one might have been a little much since the whole film pauses to make it obvious that Jesus was disappointed.

Pilate's wife and the Centurion, both of whom work their way into believe Jesus.

If you have not seen this movie it may be a good option for Easter, but take it with a grain of salt.

All the best,


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Mar 25, 2011
Romans were pretty good in King of Kings.

I especially loved the very beginning, we get a quick history recap from the time of Pompey and the looting of the Temple, following with the years leading up to the establishing of government in Judea and all the provinces where the Jews lived.

By the time Joseph and Mary arrive at the scene they seem like they are a part of a broader picture and not the center of all attention.

From there the story moves really quickly from Jesus' birth to the time when he is around 30 years old.

Anyway, thanks John for a great review, I hope you keep coming back and with more great reviews.

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