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"By what steps do men pass from barbarism to civilization?"

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Years ago, when I was about 10 years old, my family and I were having a normal weekend afternoon when we heard someone knocking.

At the door was a tall, slender man with, what looked to me, a big package sitting by his leg.

My dad came to the door and let the well dressed man and his package in.

The man began talking about History and the events that brought us the modern things we use each and every single day.

He talked about the men that invented and developed their ideas into cars, airplanes, the light bulb, the telephone, television, movies, etc.

By now I was crossed legged on the floor hoping I'd get to meet these men.

"Where are these men?" I asked,

"Well.." He began to say,

"Who are they? What are their names?" I interrupted,

He asked my name and said,

"Well Benjamin, " As he leaned over the package he had with him, opened it and pulled out the biggest book I'd ever seen.

"Let's see here," he said

"The Wright brothers made it possible for us to fly, Henry Ford did the same with cars....."

And on he went telling us all about these men, The name that really stuck with me since that day was Thomas Edison, I really wanted to be like him when I grew up..

That afternoon I discovered how much I loved learning and imitating these wonderful men and could not wait to find out where they lived so I could go visit them and talk to them about everything they were doing.

I was for sure going to ask a lot of questions. I only discovered later on in life that they all had lived many, many years before I was born, but their stories were sure alive to a little boy such as me.

The man was an Encyclopedia sales person. Yep, back in my day we still had them. We kept that Encyclopedia until I left home some time around 1995 and My History began.

my history My History

I am a United States Sailor, My History

In his farewell address president Reagan told a small story about a big ship, and a refugee, and a sailor.

It was back in the early eighties, at the height of the boat people. And the sailor was hard at work on the carrier Midway, which was patrolling the South China Sea.

The sailor, like most American servicemen, was young, smart, and fiercely observant. The crew spied on the horizon a leaky little boat. And crammed inside were refugees from Indochina hoping to get to America.

The Midway sent a small launch to bring them to the ship and safety. As the refugees made their way through the choppy seas, one spied the sailor on deck, and stood up, and called out to him.

He yelled, "Hello, American sailor. Hello, freedom man."

Here's yet another story I've never been able to forget, nor have I tried. Quite the contrary, I dreamt of the day when I would be able to serve my country in the finest sea power in the world.

A Navy that brings freedom to people such as me and such as the small boy in the small boat.

In June 2009 I took the Oath of Allegiance "to support and defend" the constitution of the United State of America and what a humbling honor this is for me.

Little did I know that these two small stories would shape the rest of my life, guess this is why I love building this website.

Every time I write a page or post a review, I pray there's someone on the other end getting inspired, learning the steps by which barbarism turned into civilization, learning from the great man and their inventions, and the many, many more treasures offered to us so lavishly in the pages of our history.

I particularly tend to write and inspire the small child, to awaken a passion for history and an affinity for learning.

my history My History

Got A Life That Most Would Love to Have. My History

My name is Benjamin, this is my history

- I probably should have introduced myself at the top of this page, but, personally, I find this a bit of a turn off when I see it on other peoples pages -

  • I am a sailor in the United States Navy.
  • I have been happily married for six years to a beautiful country girl from Colorado who loves and enjoys almost all of the things I do, a big history lover herself.
  • We have an amazing 10 month old baby boy named Winston, can you guess who we named him after?
  • Before joining the military I was self-employed building websites for small business owners, and reading on the weekends ;)

my history My History

The military has been challenging for all three of us in every aspect, but never take the privilege we all have been given to serve our country for granted.

I will be going on a six month deployment July 2011 and can't wait to see what the Navy is a part of all around the world, perhaps I'll get a chance to visit a few historical places, awesome.

My History Favorites (History Movies and Books)

Whenever I read a history book I really like, I take all the author's recommended books, there's nothing better than finding a better book than the one you just finished and loved.

I like just sitting in my library devouring my book, once I am done with it, I try to find more information about the place or character.

This is when a movie comes into place. A movie to me is like the pictures in the book, only alive. Most of the time they can't be more than just a motion picture because they tend to add or take away to fit a movie format and for commercialism purposes.

The important dynamic between the two is to get a feel of what it was like to have lived in that time period or what an event or character's life might have been like through the eyes another person.

But regardless of how good history movies may end up being, it's no replacement for the amazing imagination that a good book my enhance in a person. However, what happens when an awesome book meets an amazing movie?

Yep, right you are! it's the perfect match.. A great example of a great book and history movies is David G. McCullough's 1776: The Illustrated Edition and the movie John Adams (HBO Miniseries) . By the way, he supervised the making of it. (History Movies should all be made that way).

This is my ultimate desire in putting up World History Movies. com, to make this website a place where you can feel like you were there, like you are a part of History itself.

Even if you are not all that interested in history but only movies, you'll soon find that movies from the perspective of history are much, much more interesting.

You'll soon become a history lover, I promise you that! I wish all movies were based on history, I really don't watch any movies that don't have some element of history. They are kind of boring.

But history movies are my passion, especially when they are historically accurate.

Here are some of my favorite books and authors, enjoy!

Will Durant

(many more coming soon)

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