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  1. Follow this link to the contest.
  2. Read the instructions
  3. Fill out the form.
  4. On next page, go to the bottom and enter your email address.. We suggest you also click the other boxes in order to see who's commenting on your review. (optional)

All entries become the sole property of (sponsor) once submitted and will not be returned. By submitting, all entries will be used, edited, or changed in anyway Sponsor wishes or desires. This without any additional consent of the entrant, this may include advertisement or public use without any additional compensation whatsoever. Entrant agrees and is further uninterested on any other matter once work is submitted except where prohibited by law.

We, the sponsor, are not responsible for unavailable networks, interrupted connection to the internet or any other circumstance which may cause the loss of work and time due to any errors in communications and connection networks and/or transmissions. Nor is he responsible for any hardware or software related failures or any other failures whatsoever which may cause the complete and total loss as well as partial or inaccurate information received by sponsor.


Any contest on this website will become void where prohibited by law. All federal, state, and local laws and regulations apply. Easter Contest begins April 1, 2011 and will close April 24, 2011 at 7:00 A.M. EST. The winner will be announced one month later, or sooner, depending on the number of submissions received.


Every eligible review and recommendation will be evaluated at the discretion of the Sponsor's qualified staff. Judging criteria is as follows.

  1. Reviews that honor the traditions of Easter will receive 50 percent.
  2. Quality of writing will receive 25 percent.
  3. Style of writing will receive the remaining 25 percent. We will absolutely reject any review that sounds like it has no passion or spark; and further, no reviews that "sound like the rest" will be considered.

The winner will be notified via e-mail within a month of the end of contest. Every contestant agrees by participating that every rule is official and every decision is final and both of which are the at sole discretion of the Sponsor. Entrant agrees that only Sponsor has the right to modify rules and elect winners. All these (TERMS AND CONDITIONS) are final and binding in every respect imaginable.


Winner will receive the movie of their choice or $25 via gift certificate service.

Any additional prize is the sole discretion of the Sponsor and reserves the right to change the value to an equal or greater amount solely at the Sponsor's judgement.

Winner agrees and assumes responsibility for all taxes and fees or any other cost or expenses that may be inherited as a result of having acquired or having been placed on the prize. This includes any expense relative to participating in the Easter Holiday Contest, even acceptance of prize or any other expenses not listed herein. Prize will be awarded no later than 90 days after selection of winner, cannot be substituted except at the discretion of Sponsor. Prize is final and non-tranferrable. Should prize become unavailable, sponsor reserves the right to substitute it with a prize of equal value.


The winner will be notified only by e-mail and must respond within fifteen (15) days. Failure to respond will be an automatic disqualification. Should prize be returned as undeliverable, winner will be disqualified.

Sponsor reserves the right to cancel, terminate or suspend contest at any moment and for whatever reason.

By entering contest every participant releases from any and all liability for any type of injury, any type of loss, any type of damage.. all of these that might have been caused during or by participation in any contest or the correspondence or the acceptance, or possession and use or misuse of any prize or anything given by sponsor during contest or at any other time whatsoever. Further, by entering entrants agree to behave in the highest and best moral ethic. Please read carefully these TERMS AND CONDITIONS as outlined.

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