The Kings Speech

by Liszy
(United States)

The Kings Speech (2010)

The Kings Speech (2010)

The Kings Speech
R 118 minutes
Director: Tom Hooper
Writer: David Seidler (screenplay)
Stars: Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter

King George VI of Britain Ruled During the World War II.

If you are one to love British monarch history I can bet you will thoroughly enjoy The King's Speech.

Colin Firth does an amazing job as King George VI of Britain. He is the second son of King George V and was not expected to be king. After his father's death his brother Edward ascended to the throne but because of Edward's wish to marry a divorced woman he abdicated the throne to his younger brother Prince Albert.

Prince Albert was reluctant to accept the throne due to many reasons but one being his difficulty in public speaking because of a stammer he suffered from. Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue an Australian speech therapist who is employed by Prince Albert's wife The Duchess of York.

Lionel and the Prince (not yet king) develop a great friendship that is tested and tried as Prince Albert struggles to overcome his speech impediment.

I don't wish to give away any more of the story. I highly recommend this great film, however, I would not recommend this film to children due to two scenes when Prince Albert is struggling to speak and yells the F word several times. But other than the language it was very clean.

The history is accurately portrayed in this film and gives a great insight to the story of King George VI of Britain. Lionel Logue the speech therapist had written and documented much of his relationship with the king in his diary and his grandson had discovered the diaries after his father's death in 2005 opening up a plethora of history that had not yet been known.

This was a beautiful portrayal of a story that many people don't know much about. This era is so rarely captured in such a beautiful and fascinating way that it leaves you wishing there was more!

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May 30, 2011
Kings Speech in WWII
by: History Movies

I agree with you Liszy, this movie could have been better if not for the brief swearing, but overall, if you skip the part or have the software to mute swearwords it's a really great film.

I think you forgot to comment on Winston Churchill, so I'll do it here for you ;)

I was really impressed with his portrayal, even though I did not picture his appearance quite as portrayed.

But his way of speaking, his countenance, his whole mannerisms are exactly how I pictured him.

Movie makers do a superb job at portraying his wisdom and keen insight of the threat from Adolf Hitler's Germany.

a 5-star portrayal for sure!

Thanks for the suggestion..

~History Movies

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