Troy Movie Review (2004)

Iliad by Homer

Is this Troy movie really that bad?

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1100's BC

Seige of Troy


Reference Book:
The Life of Greece (The Story of Civilization, Vol. 2) By Will Durant

Notable Characters:
Achilles, Paris and Hector.

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Film Director:
Wolfgang Petersen

MPAA Rating:
R Troy by World History Movies

163 Minutes

Greek History

Brad Pitt, Eric Bana, Orlando Bloom, Diane Kruger, Sean Bean, Brian Cox, Peter O'Toole, Brendan Gleeson, Saffron Burrows, Rose Byrne, Julie Christie, Garrett Hedlund, Vincent Regan, Adoni Maropis

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Nobody is going to disagree about the terrific picture quality, costumes and other props in the film. Loved them..

But most of us, history lovers, need to see a little more substance, credibility and accuracy in a movie like this one.

Especially when we are talking about a legend such as Achilles and a siege such as that of Troy.

Are we expecting too much out of this Troy movie?

Historian Will Durant even questions briefly the siege of Troy but concludes that if there was such a war it must have been quite different from what Homer passed down to us.

Homer's work is not so much history but literature.

So, here are some of the most important differences and accuracies between the movie and the Iliad.

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What's in the Troy Movie / What to watch out for

What We Look ForHistory Movies Rating Movie Content
Historical Accuracy: movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings

Ok, read summary below..

Yes. Paris abducted Helen.

Yes. According to Euripides the Greeks sieged Troy because of expansion but also because of population excess.

Helen was just the trigger.

The war lasted about ten years, not just a few days and weeks.

Yes. The nations of Greece came to the aid of Agamemnon, and

No. Troy did not fight alone, Asia Minor sent repeated reinforcements.

Paris does engage Menelaus in a single combat to decide the war. But, not really over Helen.

When Paris is overcome, Aphrodite comes to his rescue.

Perhaps here's a good place to state the obvious.

In the Iliad the gods are an active part of the drama. That is, active participants and characters. The movie does not portray them in anyway, it barely mentions them. I can understand why film makers decided not to include the gods. Would have been really complicated to do so.

Hector's character gets a somewhat ok portrayal. Movie omits the fact that his child is brutally killed and his wife does not escape. Despite this, I liked the movie character.

Achilles in the Troy Movie is kind of annoying?

First off, Brad Pitt is a quite annoying. This makes it very hard to watch. The character itself seems too much like a modern superhero.

Yes. It does take the death of Patroclus to persuade Achilles to get into the fight.

Yes. He does kill Hector, but does not challenge him in the way the movie portrays. He simply gets into the fight and is an asset.

He does drag Hector behind his chariot but unlike the book, does not take him around the walls three times. Priam does come to beg for Hector's corpse and is granted a 12 day truce.

Despite all these accuracies, Achilles still seems different but you will ultimately be the judge. But as I said, don't neglect reading the book.

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Movie Quality and Overall movie experience: movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings


Good or bad for kids: movie ratings


Plot & Setting:movie ratings movie ratings

Typical Hollywood plot, with a few accuracies in between.

Sexual Stuff and Nudity:movie ratings

Nude and sexual scenes, be careful

Violence: movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings

Graphic bloody scenes.

Language and Vulgarity:movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings


Modern Culture Influence:movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings

Hector and Priam are honorable men.

Vices, addictions, drugs, alcohol: movie ratings movie ratings


Commercialism:movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings
Age Appropriateness:movie ratings movie ratings

No one under 18 years old, at all! Everyone else use caution.

Mature adults only, suggested.

Political Influences:movie ratings movie ratings
Message / Educational:movie ratings movie ratings


The film will only be beneficial to watch if you know the story.

Judeo-Christian Values:movie ratings
Our Concerns:movie ratings movie ratings movie ratings

Sex scenes and does not clearly portray history. More less, eveything you usually expect from movie makers, boo.

Highlights:movie ratings movie ratings

Movie quality is the only highlight worth mentioning.

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